Is your kitchen a complete gut + you'd like an addition on top of that? Did you just receive plans for your new-build + have no clue where to start? Maybe your master is giving off hot-mess vibes + not the dreamy, romantic kind? Let's fix that.

Unique services to fit your specific needs.


I don't like to play favorites, but kitchen + bath design is kinda my thing. In 2018, I received the "Thirty Under 30" award from the National Kitchen + Bath Association recognizing me as a leading young professional in the nation. It's where I began in this industry + where my true passion lies. 

You may never like loading your dishwasher. But you won't mind it as much.

kitchens + baths

I'm not opposed to stealing some real estate from an old playroom + giving you that well-deserved master bath you've always dreamed of. I'm also not opposed to repainting + refurnishing your living room. Sorry dad... the recliner has to go. 

A complete refresh for any room in your home. Maybe one that doesn't exist yet.

single room

We'd all like to come home after a long day, plop on the couch + let out a big "ahhhh." Home should make us feel happy, relaxed, comfortable + give us that warm, tingly feeling inside. More often than not, our crazy schedules distract us from stopping to polish our brass. That's where I come in.

Like brass, homes can become a little... aged. Let's make yours shine again.

full home/multi room

No wishing you added this, or killing yourself over doing that. Working with AURA from day one will ensure every detail is ironed out before architectural plans are finalized. Plans already finalized? I have a fine tooth comb + I'm not afraid to use it.

You're building for a reason. A professionally- designed home will cater to your daily routine.

new build

AURA's online services have made beautiful spaces possible in CT + AZ... but you don't need to pack up to take advantage! New England is known for it's fast-paced living + often, local clients don't have enough hours in the day to dedicate to design meetings. eDesign will provide the look without the headache.

Full-service design for the far-away or the far-too-busy.