A well-designed space exudes beauty + good vibes. Although crucial elements, I've always admired [obsessed over] the way a home functions; more specifically, the way a home can be designed to cater seamlessly to the owner's daily life. AURA studies what's important -- from your morning to nightly routine, to provide a design that decreases your efforts + elevates your mood. Let's pretend my must-have list for my future build isn't 9 pages long. In the meantime, I'm helping you draft yours.

design. tailored.

Your space should fit two things:
your life + your style. In that order.

You may have read about my weird design-child antics + where I've come since. I've always been this way: a perfectionist when it comes to planning, styling, organizing + decorating. It's my calling + I'm just here answering. When I'm not meticulously planning the location of your kitchen hood, I'm most likely eating sushi or debating if I should spend $180 on a fiddle leaf fig for my living room. I'll always say yes to visiting my college city of San Diego, trying new recipes with my fiancé + watching the Bachelor on Monday nights. Follow @aurainteriors_ to see what I'm really up to on the daily!

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